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  • Lima Combo: Lomo Saltado with Causa

    This combo offers two of the most famous signature dishes of Peru, Lomo Saltado and Causa. Causa is typically called Causa Limeña, while Lomo Saltado is a classic result of Chinese influence on Peruvian cuisine. These two dishes are found in many restaurants throughout Lima.

  • Machu Picchu Combo: Arroz con Pollo with Papa a la Huancaina

    The Macchu Pichu combines two traditional Northern Coast dishes from Peru. Papa a la Huancaina’s unique cheese sauce compliments the Arroz con Pollo’s zesty cilantro flare for the ultimate experience in traditional Peruvian flavors.

  • Capon Combo: Tallarin Saltado with Wontons

    Tallarin Saltado and Wonton’s are two dishes that represent quintessential Chinese cuisine in Peru. These two dishes became very popular in downtown Lima on Capon Street (Chinatown), which is the main area in Peru where one can find the best selection of authentic Chinese ingredients, imported from China.


The PeruCHI Story …

PeruCHI is a family owned and operated food truck offering Peruvian-Chinese fusion cuisine. Its inception came about from the minds of business partners Maricela Lau and Danny Prudhomme. Maricela and her parents Domingo and Angela are Peruvian-Chinese natives who immigrated to the SF Bay Area in 1993. Domingo and Angela have over 25 years experience in the restaurant business in Peru’s capital city, Lima. Maricela, who has over 15 years in the hospitality industry, has a love of cooking as well. Danny, Maricela’s significant other as well as her business partner, not only discovered Peruvian food when they met, but he saw the extensive passion the family has for cooking. He saw an opportunity for the Lau family to rekindle its rich restaurant tradition with PeruCHI food truck.

PeruCHI food truck derives its name from the blending of the words Peruvian and Chinese. The name captures the exotic ethnic fusion of two different worlds common to Peru. Peruvian cuisine has in fact evolved from the rich melting pot of Indigenous South American, Asian and European cultures. The Chinese cuisine influence in Peru is significant, and is evident from the many Chifas (Chinese restaurants) seen throughout Peru.

PeruCHI not only brings a new level of cultural awareness to street food, it brings a significant level of nutritional benefits as well.

Danny, who is a scientist in the healthcare industry, has dedicated his career to improving lives through better medicine. He is a firm believer in living well through a healthy lifestyle. Danny and Maricela, both serious athletes who engage in mountain biking, running and skiing, are always active. They place high physical demands on their bodies, and are conscious of what they eat. It’s important to them that PeruCHI provides the right nutrition so you feel more energized and motivated to do that workout you may otherwise talk yourself out of. Dedication and hard work are essential prerequisites for a healthy lifestyle, but so is proper nutrition. PeruCHI promises to do its part so you can do yours.